Contemporary Vanitas - London exhibition

I'm exhibiting in London from Thursday, with a new  illuminated assemblage piece of taxidermy art called 'Remembrance' for the Contemporary Vanitas show at the Lights of Soho gallery in Soho. I'm delighted to be alongside some of the UK's leading contemporary artists for the exhibition, curated by Saatchi's Lee Sharrock, that runs from May 26th to June 25th.

'Remembrance' contains a 19th century human skull & padlock, antique whale vertebrae, Macaw parrot wing & head. In the detail you'll find red sealing wax, antique engraved sherry glasses, old bone dice and clay marbles. The box itself is covered with water gilt silver leaf burnished using a piece of polished agate, while the inside is verre eglomise with 23 3/4 karat gold leaf. Dimensions of the handmade wooden box are 995mm high x 995mm wide x 300mm deep.

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