Recording the process of taxidermy art

There is a huge amount of talent here in North Devon, and I have been honoured to have award-winning filmmaker Mikey Corker following my work this week.

Mikey is a fellow surfer, and has built a global reputation through documenting another local man Andrew Cotton in his quest to surf the biggest waves on the planet! I'm keen to record the process behind my taxidermy art, and the techniques that are used in the modern era in this ancient practice.

In the photos you can see me working on a carp that died from natural causes at a local lake. While I love re-using antique taxidermy pieces, I have learned how to carry out taxidermy myself so that I can achieve exactly the effect I want when I assemble my new works of art. Mikey is not only filming me in the studio, he's going diving in the lake to show the habitat where the fish live - now that's real dedication in a British winter!

We plan to release the first completed short film by Mikey Corker in the New Year, watch this space.