The Goodman Fish

I recently sold two pieces of my taxidermy art to prominent collectors from my ongoing exhibition at the Broomhill Art Hotel in North Devon; one is a work with a lot of personal importance, the 'Goodman Fish'.

David Goodman was a renowned artist and conservator who trained at the Royal Academy of Art in London. I had the privilege to serve a five year apprenticeship with him learning the skills of gilding, carving, painting and conservation. He has been one of the most influential figures in my career as an artist. David died in 2013 aged 95.

One of his key mantras was the use of vertical stripes in art. I followed this in the 'Goodman Fish' - two gilded perch with stripes behind that mirror the natural beauty of these wonderful creatures.

All the animals used in my taxidermy art come from either antique collections, or as in this case, have died of natural causes and have been ethically sourced. The second work sold is a commission, using silver gilded koi carp.