A book of work

I have published a book to showcase my taxidermy art to galleries and collectors. It features 38 unique pieces of artwork, with descriptions and close-ups of many of the key details.

Inside the front and back covers I have delved into art's ancient past and used paper marbling, a technique of decoration that dates back thousands of years and was first used in the Far East.

When you buy one of my taxidermy art pieces you will receive a complimentary copy of my book. They are also being sent out to key galleries in the UK and abroad in 2016, and a limited number will soon be available to buy.

I am indebted to graphic designer Andy Wright from Coast Creative in Braunton for helping me bring this project to life, and to my partner Charlotte Hunter for her work on the text. There is a small team of dedicated and talented friends who support me behind the scenes in many different ways - thank you to you all.