Remembrance - creating new memories in the selfie age

A fascinating 'selfie trend' with a curious irony appears to be developing with my taxidermy assemblage box 'Remembrance', that I created for the Contemporary Vanitas exhibition - running at the Lights of Soho gallery in London right now.

As curator and Saatchi PR guru Lee Sharrock explains in the short film about the show, the Latin meaning of Vanitas is vanity; "It's interesting in a selfie-obsessed, social media obsessed society that we live in, to take a look at the idea of vanity and also the idea of mortality and see what contemporary interpretations these artists come up with."

The work that I created has antiqued and gilded mirror glass surrounding the inside of the case, meaning that most snaps of it will contain a picture of the photographer & those around them, and it seems that people are embracing this and creating their own photographic memory - or selfie - which of course is shared on social media. You also get a snapshot of the other artists' work in the gallery captured in the frame.

Even Lee herself and pro photographer Maximilian Clarke, who was documenting the launch party, are featured in the selection below.

Due to popular demand the exhibition now has an extension and will run through until Saturday June 25th, so do go along and see the fantastic array of art - and of course, take your camera or smart-phone with you & tag any images with my social media pages...